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  • This is your gateway to the 3M brand platform and identity elements you need which all helps us deliver our vision, and authentically reflect who we are both internally and externally.

    Here you can find information on the brand strategy, access brand assets and see our brand in action. Use Brand Central as a primary resource to get the foundation, assets and ideas to tell the world our story: 3M Science. Applied to Life.™

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What's New?

  • January 2017 - New Leadership Behaviors Assets are now available. Use the following links to download the new Presentation, Icons and the Print-Out developed for the Leadership Behaviors.

    December 2016 – First set of brand assets for “Science Improving Lives Campaign" are now available. Before using any of the assets, please download the campaign assets index file which lays out description for each file type. All campaign assets can be reached via following collection.

    November 2016 – Social Visual Guidelines are now available. Download now

    October 2016 – Old 3M Brand Identity Site has been closed down and is no longer available. Please use Brand Central for all brand related information.

    August 2016 – You can now access all the 3M.com L1 Stories and Assets by Expertise Category.  Explore more than 250 stories available now.

    July 2016 – Now you can access all Brand Tools and Guidelines in one place. Check out this list

    June 2016 – Co-branding and Licensing Guidelines are now available. Download now

    June 2016 – Channel Relationship Guidelines (for external use), which provide a direction for dealers and channel partners on use of 3M brand elements, are now available. Download now

    June 2016 - Dealer and Channel Partner page is now available for dealers to access 3M brand guidelines and assets.

    June 2016 - Press and Media Contact resources are now available with a new page.

    June 2016 - Brand Central Homepage is now updated with new design and functionality.

    May 2016 – Main menu navigation labels are updated to provide better clarification of content.


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